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Part 3: Andy's Fight with Cancer

When Andy was a teenager he started feeling some pain when he touched his wrist. Time went by, and he went to a doctor who examined his hand. The doctor said: "You have nothing there." Not even an x-ray was done on him. A couple of years later a small cyst appeared on his wrist. It wasn’t growing much and it didn’t hurt. It looked like a sore from the use of computers. At the time, he was working with a computer as a dispatcher at Miami Springs Police Department. Time went by and he left this job. The cyst started to grow, but he didn’t have any medical insurance. When he finally was able to go to a physician, he was sent to an orthopedic doctor who operated Andy’s hand. After two long weeks of waiting for the results of the biopsy we found out that it was cancer, Egwing Sarcoma. His hand was amputated, and he received chemotherapy for six months.They were very difficult times, but he was full of hope. In May of 1996, he was home free of cancer. He started to work at Henry Lee Co. as a sales person. He was happy and was doing great.

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