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Part 2: High School and College

Later on, during his high school years, Andy developed a great talent for music. On May 31, 1988 Andy wasawarded The Chappie James Memorial Award and the Scholar-Bandsman of the year by the Dade County Public School System. His taste in music varied widely throughout his life. For example his favorite bands or musical group were KISS, Stryper, Metallica, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, The Gypsy Kings, Kenny G, and Arturo Fuerte. Andy graduated from high school in June of 1988. Aside from music, Andy loved watching movies and TV. He was a HUGE fan of Star Wars, not to mention Star Trek, X-Files, Hawaii Five-O, Mattlock, Quincy, All In The Family, Sanford and Son, Taxi, and Maude, which is where he got his sarcastic sense of humor. Another hobby of Andy’s was cooking, which could explain why his favorite channel was the Food TV Network. His favorite chef was Emeril Laggassi. One day he called me at work and said, "Hey, guess who I met today!" He was so excited. He had bought Emeril’s newest cookbook and got it autographed by "the man." Andy continued his education by going to Miami Dade Community College as soon as he graduated from Miami Springs Senior High School. He played for the University of Miami Band of the Hour even though he wasn’t going to school there. I don’t know if Andy ever felt that his time with us was going to be a short one. I only know he moved like the wind. He left his studies and married Gladys E. Rodriguez on August 10, 1991.

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